TripAdvisor Rating and Popularity


TripAdvisor Rating along with TripAdvisor’s new updated algorithm in March 2018, rankings on the popularity index has never been complex before. The motive for this update is to maintain and adjust the weighting of past historical reviews to better reflect the image of any company.


The huge population in the hospitality industry has an intimate relationship of love/hate with the review site, TripAdvisor. Every Hospitality industry value TripAdvisor Rating and utilize this as a tool to get more business, but a company like Nepal Lion Tours & Treks may find this task daunting and hard to encourage people to leave reviews of services they have taken from the company, not to mention quite stressful situation is that when you have to deal any negative feedback and consider how to manage it?



Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019




















The two scores (TripAdvisor Rating & TripAdvisor Ranking)


You may find a lot of good reviews of any hotel but may have noticed that sometimes a hotel is ranked number 20 in its area. This can happen because, even though they are related, your rating and ranking are quite uncommon. Let us see what does this rating and ranking exemplify.


TripAdvisor Rating

This is a written review of a guest who will leave feedback once they have stayed with you. As per these reviews you will be given 1-5 ratings, with 5 being the highest.


TripAdvisor Ranking

Much like Google, TripAdvisor Ranking is also based on algorithms to rank and score a property based on a few different points.


Your ranking isn’t all that matters


Your business might be ranked first in your area or you might be ranked hundredth, but remember to be more human and be someone who is part of the conversation so you have to respond to your reviews.


A simply ‘Thank-you’ and ‘Hope to see you again’ can show some appreciation and attract them in the future. The real test of might is with dealing with negative reviews. Hide, ignore or feed a managed response, you’re going to miss out on the 85% of TripAdvisor users who say that a properly managed response to a negative review is a key to improve their impression of the establishment.


Sally Davey, Head of Industry Relations at Trip Advisor– “Make sure you engage, frequently and thoughtfully. As mentioned, management responses are invaluable, but so too is current content. Make sure your listing content is up-to-date and consider seasonal adjustments to ensure you are appealing to travelers who are thinking about booking right now. Photos are extremely important, especially of the inside of your property so it’s worthwhile investing in some great shots.”


Nepal Lion Tours & Treks, Road To Stardom



Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2018




















Nepal Lion has been serving as a key chain for TripAdvisor. With positive feedbacks, we are also challenged with negative ones. This is once related to the previous trip of 2018 when a couple of trekkers were unsatisfied with the behaviors of our trekking porter but still, they were so generous that instead of writing a negative review they suggested us to make some improvements on that thing. So, we consider ourselves lucky to have that much trust and support from the clients, Hats off.


Each trekking season brings a lot of challenges and we also find it difficult to gather feedbacks so instead of searching for reviews we motivated the business delegated to perform on job tasks more like a pro. This has proven good for past months. 


You can see why a lot of referrals come to Nepal Lion Tours & treks from TripAdvisor Reviews.

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